Graphic & Web Design Services


This is a limited list of what I love to do. I also have experience with website publishing, one-sheet design, logo design, color & font palettes, business cards, presentations, and infographics. Please contact me with any other inquiries you may have.

Social Media Content Design

To optimize the creation of social media content, I will learn about you, your style, and your brand as a whole. With a detailed description of your need and typical style and color preferences, I will design your ideal template(s) for social media posts and in all needed sizes (ex. Instagram story, Instagram square, Facebook ad).


Advertisements & Invitations

When it comes to designing advertisements for events both big and small, I can help! I want to bring your vision into fruition.


E-Book Design

Have a story to share? You write it and I'll make it a digital work of art! Your e-book can be created with your existing brand identity. Let’s share your masterpiece!


Website Development

If you need a website that will not only represent your brand but also attract your ideal clients, let’s chat! The end result will be a website that is fully functional and easily navigated by all!

The Design Process

To begin..

Contact me! I will be sure to respond within two business days (but usually sooner). Check out the form at the bottom of this page or schedule a call here! We’ll always start with a free consultation because I want to be sure I learn everything about your brand and what your design needs are!

After we meet, I’ll be able to give you a brief description of how long the project may take on my end, how the project will be delivered, and any other additional steps that we need to take in order to make your project the best it can be.

Costs for the project:

My hourly rate is $65.00. I will lay out about how much time I expect a project to take in my initial email back to you. Any communication after the initial contact back from me will be accounted for because that's when the magic starts happening!

Any costs I may incur while working on your project will be your responsibility, but I will always discuss this with you before the expense is made (ex. for website development, you will need to purchase a domain and an upgraded plan from a website host before you launch the website)

After the project is finished:

Once I finish your project, I will send you a finalized invoice. After receiving payment in full, I will transfer all finalized digital files to you via your preferred platform if possible (GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Email).

Specific ownership guidelines are outlined in the design agreement, but in short: you will own all finalized digital designs and are not required to give credit to me when you share the finalized designs.

Payment options:

You may choose to pay the final invoice amount via Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal. Under certain circumstances a check may be mailed. Please understand the final digital designs will not be transferred until payment has been delivered to me in full. Thank you!

Specific times I may not be available for a project:

I only take on as many clients as I have time for; your project and your brand is important to me! I will always be up front about my availability before beginning a project!

The estimated time needed to finish a project will always be addressed in my first return email. I also understand that projects can sometimes change along the way, so if we incur any timeline changes, I will be sure to update you.

Contact availability:

Please feel free to reach out at any time. I will always respond back within two business days. Note: I am on the East Coast and will utilize EST.


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