Choosing Fonts For Your Brand

There are 6 million fonts out there, so how do you choose what is best for your brand?

There’s honestly psychology behind it; some fonts make people feel certain ways and whatnot. But let’s face it, we can’t please all eyes, so what can we do?

The most important things to consider while choosing fonts:

  1. You can read them and a friend or family member can read them— reading should not require effort. Be easy on the eyes! Also, things seem easier to do when they are easy to read!

  2. The fonts should work on every platform and medium (print, web, etc.) they should have different weights to them (thin, regular, bold), and you need to have the license to use them.

  3. They communicate your brand personality— we all have what we love, and you shouldn’t stray from using that! Just make sure you still follow step 1 and 2.

So what are your choices (examples below)?

  • Serif: best for print and blogs. Serif fonts are identifiable by the tails on the letters; they help make reading easier because our eyes can easily drift from one tail to the next!

  • Sans Serif: best for websites. Serif without the tail (literally). They are bold and easily transition from very big to very small and are easily readable and clean throughout.

  • Slab Serif: blockier texts, usually great for titles ▪️Decorative: very unique and stylized. Should be used in small doses.

  • Script: elegant choice but readability can be tough! Rule #1 is very important here.

Typically you pick two fonts to pair and use throughout your brand. A serif and a sans serif pair very well and give you all the freedom in the world. Pairing two sans serif fonts is also a great choice! If you do want to use a decorative or script font, they can be great for titles and bigger text and could be added as a third font.

Lastly, your font choices aren’t ever “wrong”. If they’re readable, they speak to your brand identity, and they work on every platform, they’re a go!👍🏼

Questions? Let me know!