Quickly Create a Logo So You Can Brand Your Stuff!

Putting your name on your content is important. If you don’t, anyone can screenshot your stuff and claim it as theirs (ugh how rude). And also- branding is everything.

These videos show you how to make a logo in Canva in no time and place it on your pictures and videos.

  • Canva has a lot of simple logo options and everything is fully customizable; font, colors, icons, etc. If you need a more intricate logo, you can always hire someone to make it (I can be your girl!)

  • It’s important to download your logo with a transparent background! You can take that logo and put it on anything and it will look beautiful and clean. *beware that this is a premium feature. You may get it for free with a trial, but it will go away! Keep your eye out for a future tutorial on how to take away those silly backgrounds after the fact!

  • If you choose to make your logo in Canva, you can change the colors of your logo whenever you want, which may be helpful for different backgrounds (ie dark pictures vs light pictures, different color quote backgrounds, etc.)

  • Make sure you always check the “3x” box before you download so your post doesn’t come out blurry.

  • You can use stock images or your own images. If you upload your own images, click the upload button on the left hand side and choose your picture from your files.

Easy peasy— just follow my mouse in the videos and you should be ready to make your own by the end!

Reach out with questions & feel free to comment!