Screen Recording On Your iPhone

We have finite amount of phone memory, I get it. And videos take up a lot of space! So this is a way for those old videos to resurface if you want to share them to your Instagram story.

This is the FREE and perfectly fine way to do go about this process for iPhone users (sorry Android ppl, still love you but I don’t have one of those). Doing everything on your phone makes you more likely to post, so I’m trying to give you the best resource I can! And best part: no apps! All with iPhone and IG tools.🙌🏼

Follow these steps and watch these videos to follow along!

  • Step 1 (Video 1): Screen recording on your iPhone! Say whattt!? A lot of people don’t know this exists. Video one shows you how to get it. I remove it from my control center and then put it back on in the video. It will be in your control center after you add it (where the shortcut to your alarm and such is, usually a “swipe down” on your iPhone will get you there. iPhoneX: it’s top right corner swipe down!) Settings>Control Center>Customize Controls>Add “Screen Recording”

Step 2 (Video 2): Use your screen recording feature and head on over to the Instagram video you want to share and record it. When that red dot is flashing, you are recording! You can also stop the recording by swiping down again OR by clicking the red timer in the top left corner.

  • Step 3 (Video 3): Trim the video you just used using the “edit” feature in iPhone. Photos/Videos>Click your recently made video>Edit. Drag the end pieces of the video until you have the clip you want. Be sure you are actually clipping the video! The ends will move inward and your video will become shorter (the video of this step is the end result, not the whole process)

  • Step 4 (Video 4): Put it in Instagram Stories. Is the cropping perfect? Nope! But The beautiful think about Instagram stories is that you can MAKE it perfect by creating your own borders by coloring on the screen with the pen.

Questions? Let me know!