The Best Resources for FREE Stock Photos

If you’re anything like me, you might not have original pictures for every blog, every social media post, and every website image. I use stock images pretty frequently for a few reasons: I can always find what I need, the images are typically flawless, there’s usually a choice that reflects my overall style, and I can customize the images. Even if we do have a lot of images and prefer to use our own, it’s always good to have resources that are free that can save us in a bind.

The websites I recommend:

  1. Unsplash: the license for the images on this website is very forward. In short, you can use the images for free for any use. They also allow you to modify the images, so you can use them as a template for your own text. It goes without saying that you cannot sell someone elses’ images as your own.

  2. Pixabay: this site has tons of images and vectors (you can resize them without losing quality). Like Unsplash, you can copy, modify, distribute, and use the images for personal and commercial uses for free!

  3. StockPic: you can do anything with these images except for redistribute them, just like Pixabay and Unsplash. Lots of choices from fashion to black and white to objects to nature pics.

  4. Gold and Berry: this link sends you to their “freebies” page, which has a lot of choices within it. The overall style on Gold and Berry is pretty consistent, so if it doesn’t fit your brand, one of the other choices may be better.

  5. Ivory Mix: this link takes you directly to the website’s page that has styled stock photos (over 550 of them). Like Gold and Berry, the style is very consistent between the images. A lot of these photos are templates where you can add your own message onto the image, making them very customizable.

  6. Raw Pixel: an awesome collection of images. They have vectors, images with transparent backgrounds, photoshop files (super customizable), and more.

With all of these sites, it’s important to read up on the license yourself if you have questions about how you may or may not use them. Lots of options exist from customization, different sized files, and file types that can fit your needs.

Let me know if you have any questions!