You Are the Best Part About Your Brand

Starting your own business comes from a place of passion— you’ve never heard someone say, “Well I really hated __________ so I decided to start a business doing that.”🤦🏼‍♀️

And that’s what makes a brand so good. It’s not the logo or website, it’s not the prettiest intake forms and client packets, it’s you.👊🏼

I started my business by talking to people I wanted to work with and asking if they needed help. I had “nothing”— no logo, no website, no Instagram tailored to what I do. I had none of what people would consider “brand essentials” and to top it off, I had no credentials other than “student PT”.

In reality though, I had everything I needed; I had a passion for what I did, I knew I had the potential to help others with my skills, and I cared a whole lot. I had also been given the best piece of advice: if you want something, you need to ask for it.

Do a logo and a website help? Absolutely. But the person behind your logo and website is what will draw people in and make them want to work with you.✨