Live Life Loud

Let Me Tell You How I Really Feel

Welcome to the Live Life Loud page, I’m so happy you’re reading this post! :)

This is something I’ve planned for months upon months and am so excited to finally launch my new website and this movement as a whole. But.. I’m also terrified and almost stopped myself from launching for an entire week. I redesigned my site without this page and intro and then I got a text from my best friend that said:

“I'm so sick of not doing stuff bc of the fear of what people think. I agree about the unlocked superpowers, spread your wings! I'll be on the sidelines cheering you on.”

So here we are!

I wanted to launch this as a series of “tracks”; mindset and mental health, success, relationships, careers, etc. This means that I myself am growing and learning through all of this. I’m not here to tell you the secret to anything, but rather share what’s working and not working for me, drop some knowledge bombs, and curate a feed that’s less of a highlight reel and more of real life with all the bad and all the good and everything in-between.

My long term plan for this page is still being determined (I have so many ideas!!), but I’m starting now with what I have and I’m pumped. I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

My goal is to empower others to become the best, most badass versions of themselves. Live Life Loud will destigmatize some of the obstacles that we may face along this path and highlight the rewarding, yet nonlinear, path to happiness and success.

Excited you’re here with me.