Our Favorite Travel Companies and Recruiters

If you decide to contact these companies, please mention myself or Kyle!

  1. CoreMedical Group

    Recruiter: Lauren Merrell

    Contact info: Lauren.Merrell@coremedicalgroup.com

    Why we love Lauren: she worked very hard to get mine and my fiancé’s first assignments; she was always on the ball, contacted us frequently, and was very diligent. She never pushed us to apply for jobs in settings we didn’t want. She gave us the best salary without us having to negotiate with her, which is something I appreciate.

    Availability: usually always able to get ahold of her quickly by text, email, or phone call

    Why we love CoreMedical: health insurance Day 1, higher pay rates, licensure reimbursement, location reimbursement, payment for health screens needed before employment (drug screens, physicals, TB, etc.), kindness of all staff members, on-boarding process is very user-friendly and quick, outpatient jobs were numerous

  2. MedTravelers

    Recruiters: Kim Clayton & Kalie Simmons

    Contact info: kalie.simmons@medtravelers.com, kimberly.clayton@medtravelers.com

    Why we love Kalie & Kim: they are kind and always on the ball. They advocated for Kyle and I well and specialized in placing pairs, so they were very good at getting two jobs in one place if the jobs were available

    Why we loved MedTravelers: license reimbursement, awesome recruiters, easy to connect with staff, lots of options for jobs, especially in SNF setting, but other settings are numerous as well.

  3. Delta

    Recruiter: Jordyn McKenna

    Contact info: jmckenna@deltahcp.com

    Why we loved Jordyn: we met Jordyn and she was almost instant with finding jobs for us. She is easy to get ahold of via text or email and she’s very responsive. She is also very good finding the answers you need fast!

    Why we loved Delta: outpatient jobs were numerous, very quick to answer questions, easy to start job search (paperwork was received and submitted within 1 day)