Hi again! I’m Lex.


I’m known for being a Jane of all trades; from website development and social media content design, schedule management and maximal organization, to a health & wellness nut and a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

I have a true passion for mentoring and making things easier for anyone I can help and I have an inherent ability to lead and motivate people. Seeing others succeed is what drives me; I love being a part of something bigger.

Whether you’re a business owner in need of branding solutions, someone looking for a little motivation to take the leap you’ve been dreaming of, or interested in learning more about movement and health and wellness, I’m happy you’re here and I can’t wait to work with you!

My journey has been an interesting one and very non-linear. I enjoyed designing graphics and websites while I was on study breaks and in-between classes during physical therapy school and eventually my techy experience landed me an awesome internship and later an amazing job where I learned more about virtual assistant work and social media content design. There’s nothing better than finding solutions for the people I work for and I absolutely love spending my time helping others develop their brand.

I’ve been told that its best to learn by going on your own journey, which is why I wanted to start Live Life Loud, a movement that will destigmatize the lows and give perspectives on the highs. The highlight reel is the prettiest, but what about the rest? With a focus on mental health, success, failures, and relationships, I’m hoping to create a space that can help others celebrate the good and navigate through the less than optimal parts of life.

Some fun things: I’m wanderlust and a photography junkie and I have a reading list a mile long. I love the mountains and the beach and not many things make me happier than dogs. I may be biased, but I have the best people in my corner.


What my tribe is saying..

“Incredible. That is literally the only word you need to know and the only thing I need to say about Lex. But, since I know you want more, here goes. Social media is my life. Visual representations determine my success. I built a highly successful platform and trusted no one to help me…until Lex. She has hands-down the best thing to happen to my business, and I cannot imagine moving forward without her. Her work speaks for itself, but if you need me to dispense some adjectives, let’s start with: highly skilled, detail-oriented, resourceful, extremely timely, organized, and honestly, as the kids would say ‘bout it’. If it can be done on a computer, Lex can make…and make it better. If she doesn’t know how to make it, she’ll research it, figure it out, and once again, make it better. I’ve always been reluctant to outsource any work because I’ve never felt that I could trust someone to care about the end product as much as I did. Honestly, sometimes I think that Lex cares more. I hesitated in writing this review, because, well, I want to keep her for myself. She’s just that damn good. But, something this amazing needs to be shared with the world. If you’re still reading this, do yourself a favor and stop, then go and enlist her services. She’s the best you’ll ever find. You’re welcome.”

-Dr. C. Shanté Cofield, aka The Movement Maestro

Alexis Lancaster has my heart. She is hands-down, the most amazing person I have ever met, and her creative genius knows absolutely no bounds. In fact, I think of her less as a human and more as Lex, superhero mastermind. Lex worked with me relentlessly to design my logo and focus my brand. I count on her to keep me pointed in the right direction and I look forward to her feedback. FireSQFitness is nothing without Lex and I can’t say enough positive things about her. If you are looking for a website designer or graphic artist, I can’t possibly endorse Lex more enthusiastically. She is nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait for you to be amazed too.

-Annette Zapp MA, CSCS, Owner of FireSQFitness; dedicated to the health and wellness of firefighters worldwide

“Alexis has been a great addition to the Healthy Wealthy & Smart podcast team. She has a great eye for design and color combinations. All I have to do is tell her what I am thinking and within a few hours my vision is up and running. Creating beautiful designs is definitely NOT in my wheelhouse and having Alexis on the team makes my life easier and helps the podcast run like a well oiled machine. She is timely, organized and professional, but best of all, she is a true team player and is a joy to work with.”

-Dr. Karen Litzy, PT, DPT

I have had the wonderful opportunity to know Alexis throughout our education in the DPT program at Utica College. Alexis has become a lifelong friend that inspires and motivates me every day. She is organized, timely, and strives to not only better herself but those that surround her. If you are looking for a passionate and motivated individual that can provide you the ability to be more successful, then look no further. I have had the opportunity to watch Lex take our DPT student organization at Utica College to an entire new level with her ability to promote, advertise, and network. Lex is a true team player and leader. She is able to make any vision come to life and is a pure joy to work with. She tripled the number of events that Utica College DPT program hosted, and further engaged membership with her advertisements and networking skills. Lex’s personality, skill, and dedication has the ability to reach your goals as well.

-Allie Cartier, DPT